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This 10 year old obtained trauma to the upper right incisor. It was repaired with Composite Resin and made to look like adjacent front tooth. This took only one appointment.


Patient was getting married. He wanted his teeth to visibly look better. He had an old crown on upper right incisor with dark margins & upper left incisor was discoloured. A gap was also visible between the upper right second & third incisors.

The crown was replaced and 4 porcelain veneers were placed on adjacent teeth.

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Patient didn’t like the look of lower central incisors they had chipped & this made it difficult to floss.

Two porcelain veneers were placed. Patient was very happy with the result.


Patient had overcrowding of the lower incisors. A tooth was removed & orthodontic treatment completed. The lower right incisor had been previously Root Treated and had gone dark. A porcelain veneer was placed over it to mask the discolouration. The patient was very happy with the much improved result.


Heavy erosion and attrition on lower anterior teeth exposed dentin making the teeth sensitive, look yellow and shorter. The biting surface was built up with composite resin.


The old composite resins were stained, discoloured and chipped over time. They were replaced with new ones. This all only took one appointment.


After many years of not going to the dentist it resulted in heavy staining & a build up of calculus. A 30 minute appointment for a Scale & Clean brought his teeth & gums back to a healthier condition.


Patient presented with a missing upper right incisor and obvious decayed teeth. Upper right lateral required Root Canal Treatment. Once Root Canal Treatment was completed a scale & clean was performed and a 3 unit bridge was fabricated & fitted to replace missing tooth. The upper left lateral was crowned & the canine was built up with Composite Resin.


Upper right premolars had large amalgam restorations through the middle of them & the cusps (corners) had broken off. Because a lot of tooth structure was lost it was discussed with patient to restore them with crowns for a more long term solution.


This patient was getting married in 3 months. She wanted to change the shape & colour of her front teeth. Impressions were taken & sent to our laboratory which they were able to produce a waxed up demonstration of the shape they could be changed to. She was happy to go ahead and five porcelain veneers were place in time for her wedding.


This lady was unaware that her teeth could be made to look like this in just one appointment. She reported that she couldn’t stop looking at herself for some time after her teeth were done.

Five of her upper anterior teeth were restored with Composite Resin.


This young boy had a very deep cavity in a deciduous tooth that he would need to keep until he was approx. 12yrs old. This particular deciduous tooth is common to decay in children so to give it optimal life expectancy a stainless steel crown was place to protect it & give it strength. This treatment was performed in one appointment.


Whitening. If you have ever wished for a brighter, whiter smile, you can get it at Grace Dental Care. We use the home whitening system that allows you to do your whitening in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you. The take home kit includes 8 syringes of Opalescence gel. We will provide you with individual professional information & instructions. We have had patients report they can notice a difference after 48hrs of starting the treatment.


This 57 year old patient had discoloured teeth due to a mild form of Tetracyline staining. This result was achieved after 6 weeks of whitening.


Patient was unhappy with the shape & length of his teeth. Upper left lateral required Root Canal Treatment prior to crowning. Front incisors were built up & reshaped with Composite Resin. The upper right lateral had erosion (wearing) & exposed dentin at the gum margin; this was also built up & reshaped with Composite Resin to give a more even uniformed smile.


Discolouration and a gold inlay was the reason for this patient having Composite veneers placed over her upper anterior teeth. The lower teeth were crowned over 30yrs ago & the uppers had discoloured naturally over time. By adding Composite Resin Veneers it added length shape & colour to the upper teeth & matched closer to the colour of the lower crowns. This was all done in one appointment.


Composite Resin was used to restore these heavily decayed & chipped teeth. A thorough scale & clean was done before treatment started. Crowns were not an option here because the oral condition was not healthier enough. By using Composite Resin it enables the ability of future treatment and giving him a nice smile in the meantime. The missing upper right incisor was filled with a partial denture.


Teeth heavily restored with amalgam can lead to parts of remaining tooth structure to fracture off. As you can see here the molar on your left has lost the back corner. To restore these teeth more permanently, crowns were fabricated & cemented over 2 appointments.


This patient had a habit of biting on a pen & consequently has chipped/worn his front teeth over time. He opted for Composite Resin over Porcelain Veneers & was advised not to bite on pens anymore.


Both upper incisors had old crowns one of which had come off & the other had broken. Porcelain crowns were fabricated & cemented on both teeth.