Preventative dentistry is YOUR key to a positive and treatment-free dental experience!


At Grace Dental Care we place high emphasis on the importance of preventive care, as it is the primary factor in ensuring supreme oral health and achieving treatment-free dentistry. We believe that oral care not only benefits your teeth and gums, but your general health and well-being. A healthy smile also builds the foundations of high self-esteem and inner confidence.


We recommend that our patients begin with a ‘Hygiene visit’ in which we can begin your preventative program by implementing healthy oral practices and identifying problematic areas early, so as to reduce the extent of treatment required. This initial appointment would generally comprise of a comprehensive examination, professional clean and polish, application of topical fluoride and dental x-rays as required.

An important component of our hygiene appointments includes the educating of our patients in healthy oral care and home maintenance. This also presents the opportunity for you, our patient, to express your concerns, ask questions, and discuss any dental-related issues you may have. Our patients’ positive feedback on the education/discussion aspect of our preventative program has lead us to believe it plays a crucial part in achieving a healthy smile, a confident patient and positive dental experience.


**Another aspect of our preventive program which we regularly inaugurate is the placement of fissure sealants. We recommend these to patients with visibly deep grooves in their teeth (usually molars and pre-molars) which are susceptible to developing decay through bacteria sitting in these grooves. Fissure sealing is a non-invasive treatment in which we clean the surface of the tooth and place a ‘barrier’ to prevent food and bacteria from penetrating the tooth and causing decay.**